The Guardian Defender

The Safer, Environmentally Friendly, Cost Saving Light Curtain Alternative

Rite-Hite Machine Guarding introduces the Guardian Defender, the industry's most effective machine guarding device yet. Designed with the latest regulations and most demanding manufacturing process in mind, the Guardian Defender is the ideal safety guarding device in many manufacturing environments. Anywhere that a machine operator interfaces with a machine, robot or process is an ideal application for the Guardian Defender.

What is a safety light curtain?

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The Guardian Defender, Retractable Safety Door Advantages


  • Contains secondary hazards associated with the manufacturing process, ideal as automation safeguarding
  • Guards employees from weld flash, sparks, splash, flying debris and other process driven hazards
  • Uses non-contact coded signal switches and actuators to monitor and maintain that the doors is in the safe position. Up to Cat. 4 and/or PLe per EN/ISO 13849-1.
  • Machine guarding that is VISIBLY SAFER! Fully sealed barrier tabs on curtain edge have 450# tear-out strength
  • Multiple brands of switches/actuators and controls integrated with barrier protection enhances machine safety
  • Electronic and physical means of controlling access. Provides up to Cat. 4 or PLe with proper control wiring.


  • Interlocked Barrier Doors reduce footprint of manufacturing cell by locating closer to hazard. Greatly reduces the need for a “safety zone”. May/can apply the same safety distance formula
  • Reduces footprint of manufacturing cell by locating closer to hazard. Greatly reduces the need for a “safety zone”
  • Rite-Hite Machine Guarding’s Automated Curtains are ideal in applications that require additional space for light curtains because it is also a movable physical barrier that can be locked or programmed to delay opening to allow for machine to de-energize.


  • Increases productivity by locating closer to hazard and provides clear visual cue for operator to be on task
  • Allows operator to pivot to load and unload parts due to reduced “safety zone” space requirements.
  • Soft Bottom edge enhances safety
  • Designed to stand up in the harshest manufacturing applications
  • TEFC motors and curtain fabrics designed to withstand application and environmental conditions.
  • Optional windows allow for continuous monitoring of the process.
  • Gravity down operation - not powered down.

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Industrial Guarding Products: Alternatives to Presence-Sensing Devices

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* High speed barrier door with safety switch and safety rated control when properly integrated.

** Based on 10′ wide point of operation area using DEFENDER vs. Light Curtain using ANSI Safety Distance Formula

*** Based on a reduction of 3 seconds per part from 30 seconds to 27 seconds per part multiplied by 8 hour shift

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