PVC Strip Doors and Curtains

Frommelt Safety manufactures plastic PVC strip doors, industrial PVC strip curtains and industrial enclosures for a variety of applications, including freezers, coolers, welding booths, sound protection zones and general plant access. They allow for the free flow of motorized and pedestrian traffic, and provide excellent visibility. They minimize maintenance, and improve your work environment by reducing drafts and noise levels, controlling pests, and blocking out wind, weather, dirt and debris. In addition, they save energy by maintaining temperatures and controlling airflow.

We offer three temperature-rated PVC strip materials, and a wide range of strip widths, thicknesses and overlaps. Strip enclosures and screens are available in clear, amber, orange and blue, and we carry all mounting hardware in stock. Thus our installation team can maximize your PVC strip door's efficiency by choosing components that take into account the specific location and environment, the mounting requirements and the amount and type of usage expected.

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